Best solar panels for marines

The semi flexible solar panels are the newest and very useful invention of solar industries. These panels have impressed many people. These panels are also knows as super flexible ultra thin solar panels. These panels have lightweight and low-profile and it does not have any part made of steel that can damages the surface where it is installed. The best part about these panels is that. They are easy to remove when there is a chance of storm and rain. These panels are being made with 12-volt capacity. They are being made on the fiberglass and are protected by polymer. The efficient and stable polycrystalline cells are protected with two thick layers and that make them weatherproof. However, these panels have only one-year’s warranty.

These panels can bend very gently so that they can adjust to the surface of the roof of marine. These panels have Four, grommet finished; holes are provided for screw fixing. This is the only method to install these panels because they cannot be glued to the surface like other panels. These panels do not have any glass, so there is less chance of any kind of break in their structure. It is important to keep their battery topped up to keep them in working condition for a long time and increase their life.

To install these panels, it is important to select the site with great consideration. It should be installed on a place, which does not have any kind of shade in any time of the day. In cold areas where there is too much snow and strong wind, these panels need too much care and maintenance to increase their life and to keep them undamaged. Some panels can bear water for sometime but they are not actually waterproof so it is best to keep them away from water and especially they should be indirect exposure of salt water. If these panels are being installed on a boat, it is important to place them on a place where there is direct sunlight all day long.

To make sure that the panels are working properly it is important to connect the cables of the system correctly otherwise the product can be damaged and if it happens because of carelessness, the warranty will not be useful. Different panels need different type of cables to attach it with the battery for that the shopkeeper will be able to guide you properly about the perfect cable of the panels. It will need Screwdriver, Drill with suitable drill bit4  and Well nuts are required for mounting the solar panel using the eyelet, holes on the panel.

Semi flexible solar panels are best for marine to change marine batteries as well as for boats. These panels do not have any kind of steel or metal part, which can damage the surface, and these panels cannot be glues on the surface. These panels do not only change the batteries of boats and marine, they are best to charge gadgets and laptops.



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