Choosing Goalkeeper Gloves: a Guide for First Timers

You arrive to pick up your child from soccer practice. The coach stops you to tell you that your child is light on their feet and great at watching the ball. Congratulations! Your child is a goalkeeper. You’re going to need kids goalkeeper gloves. Here are some things to keep in mind as you shop for that perfect pair:

The right goalkeeper gloves aren’t snug. In fact, they’re supposed to run one-half to one inch past your fingertips. This makes the gloves more able to withstand wear and tear. To get the right size, perform a measurement of the widest part of the hand. Round up to the nearest whole number, and then add one to it. That’s your child’s glove size. If one hand size is different than the other, choose the larger size.

The next thing to consider is the grip of the gloves, according to Soccer Garage. A thin glove has better grip which makes it easier to catch the ball. On the other hand, a thicker glove is more durable and forces the player to focus on learning proper technique, rather than relying on the glove to make the save.

If you expect to play on artificial surfaces, you might be wise to choose a thicker, more durable model, because it can help withstand the additional wear and tear. Reusch gloves are one example of a brand of gloves that offers a combination of both durability and grip. It’s also worthwhile to try on a few different pairs of gloves, because gloves have different styles and cuts that suit a variety of preferences.

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