Social Netball in London

  • Introduction

Netball is one of the most sociable sports around. Not only that, it’s a great fast moving game for players of every ability. Netball is more popular now than it has ever been; especially in London!

And that is thanks in large part to the Netbusters Social Sports Leagues. Here is a wonderful organisation with a clear mission, to promote and broaden the appeal of netball by providing easy access to the sport.

If you live in London there will be a league operating nearby; and, you can join in with no hassle whatsoever. All you need do is go online, follow clear instructions and put your name forward for allocation to a team.

What’s more you can put some of your friends down as well or even enter a whole team! It’s easy, painless and could change your life.

  • I’ve lost touch with netball, I need a refresher session of some sort!

That makes sense, and Netbusters’ have got that covered.

They frequently run back to netball sessions aimed at beginners or people returning to the game. You’ll be able to brush up on the rules and tactics,(Is dunking legal in netball?), plus maybe you’ll improve your fitness levels by a degree or two.

You’ll soon be up and running.

  • Once I’m in a team what are my commitments?

You are simply committed to turning up at the appointed time and place, suitable attired of course.

And that’s all you need do, because Netbusters: provide the venue, umpires, the ball, bibs etc. You’ve got to admit that’s impressive!

Venues are all of the highest quality, there are both outdoor and indoor courts available.

Matches are generally once a week at an allotted time in the evening. All your league matches will take place on the same court.

  • We have a whole team that requires coaching!

Netbusters do provide professional coaching sessions. Coaching will ensure that your team is completely ofay with the rules and will take you through some of the finer tactical nuances.

Coaching sessions are fun, informative and extremely sociable. Availability and costs are all clearly posted online, so they are just great for social netball games in London.

  • I just want to play for fun

That’s fine, in essence that’s what netball is all about. Netbusters place emphasis on the sociability of the sport; it’s a chance to meet people, interact and keep fit.

OK, for the competent go-for-it types there are more competitive leagues on offer. Quicker gameplay, higher skill levels but still hugely enjoyable.

  • In conclusion

Whatever your motivation Netbusters can accommodate your requirements. There’s no need to be intimidated, the Netbusters team are all extremely helpful and supportive. Should you have any doubts then go to their site and ask questions.

Their website is clearly laid out, informative and extremely easy to navigate.

The location of all the various leagues are clearly stated as are the times and dates of matches.

Log in to Netbusters Social Sports Leagues site now and take that first step towards a truly uplifting experience.

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