Will Steve Smith’s Captaincy Help Australia to win Championship?

The ICC Champions Trophy is about to kick off in a few weeks, and a lot of teams are predicated candidates to score gold. The Australian team is set to meet with longtime opponents, such as New Zealand and England Highlights, and its chances at winning the title are pretty high. However, that all depends on several things, from the coach’s plans and strategies to the team’s spirit. The team’s will and spirit are relying on Captain Steve Smith. Capt. Smith is known for his sharp and strong messages that shake up any player’s spirits and encourages his team to deliver the best performance. Whether at court, in the locker rooms or during practices, he’s always behind his teammates, pushing them to do their Best.

During the second TEST against India, and after very heated misunderstandings, both captains were waiting for the ICC’s ruling about their “misconduct”, but the results came in negative, and both captains were let off the hook. The cricket world and cricket fans all over the world objected, some even stating that Smith should have been subjected to a ban. It is clear that this incident will have tremendous effects of Capt. Steve Smith’s reputations, but how will it affect his status as the Australian team’s head?

Smith is going to witness a great challenge ahead, with not only the ICC Champions Trophy title at stake, but his entire team and staff’s trust. The heated argument put Smith’s abilities to act as a mediator to test. Any second burst of temper might cost him a match, a title, or the captaincy as a whole. Will he be able to deal with referees and opposing players?

But, of course, a captain like Steve Smith won’t let this little bump stop him from leading his teams to the finals. However, he’ll have to put in maximum effort to regain the trust he might have potentially lost from his fans and supporters.

All that is sure for now is that the ICC Champions trophy is going to be a heated tournament, with the odds bouncing from one team’s court to other. This is a tournament no cricket fan should miss, especially with the latest events that have been going on with teams and captains. Australia and Smith have a long road to cross in order to claim the title. Make sure to watch the ICC Champions trophy 2017 live on YuppTV for Canada and European countries, with highlights for the UK, Australia and Asian countries, and live audio commentary for the USA.

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